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Where ever you live, welcome to this web site. The YOORS FOUNDATION has been created in reference to the work and ideas of an artists family from Antwerp in Belgium, who lived after World War II both in Antwerp and London;

Eugeen Yoors was a stained glass artist and painter and is considered as the renewer of the stained glass  art in Western Europe.
Apart from stained glass work in London, Antwerp, Lubumbashi, Leuven (Louvain) and other places he was also a great etcher and painter. In his Paris period as a young painter he was very much influences by the pre-raphaelites of the UK (Burne-Jones, Goretti, and others.

During the First World War he was staying in the Camp of Amersfoort (Netherlands) where his fiancee Magda Peeters joined him.  He stayed there together with Rik Wouters, another famous Flemish painter, and also with Joe English, famous within the history of Flanders. After the first world war both Eugeen Yoors and Magda Peeters became international pacifists within Christian inspiration.

After the second World War their sun Jan Yoors, who was an intelligence officer for the Allied Forces during the War, emigrated to New York, and became one of the most famous Wall Tapestry artists of the XXth century. Jan Yoors was a beloved humanist artist who was very much acqainted with the Roma gypsies in the 30's. His work is present in the Holocaust Museum of Washington, in the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts in New York, the Sears Building in Chicago, in the Parliament of Flanders in Brussels, Belgium, and many other places.  You can find more information on Jan Yoors work and life on this web site in the future and in first instance on www.janyoors.com

The YOORS Foundation is focussed on understanding, tolerance, and mutual respect among people and cultures.  It works on 5 themes confronting arts with society and social/human goals. These themes of interlinkages between arts and society are the following:

1. symbolism and arts throughout the history
2. diversity in glass art & stained glass
3. cultural diversity within the Dutch Language & European Identity and diversity
4. World wall tapestry and textiles in society
5. peace issues and arts (artists) for Peace

Special attention is given to the Low Countries as hosting the Capital of the European Union in Brussels. Several events will be set up in and around Brussels, including Antwerp, the home town of the Foundation and the artist family.

The Yoors Foundation also publishes YOORS MAGAZINE in the Dutch language, but regularly English and French articles are includen

From 2008 on this web site will be gradually updated and events will be announced also for "expatriates" living in Brussels, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Rotterdam; Lille or other cities, living in the Low Countries. If you want to know more of this region within Europe, its rich history and economic and social growth, this web site can maybe be of help to you.

See you soon again.
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